Out with the old dinghy, in with the new

After adding my dinghy davits (upcoming post on installation), I decided to replace my Mercury Hypalon dinghy with heavy 15 Hp outboard with something smaller and lighter.

Posting the boat, motor and trailer on Craigslist resulted in a quick sale to a sailor in Manistee who met me down in Muskegon last Saturday and handed over the full purchase price!

Since there was a $200. mail in rebate from WM on the purchase of an inflatable and outboard motor, (and after verifying that my employee purchase would qualify for the rebate), I ordered a smaller wood floor sportboat and one of the new propane-powered Lehr 2.5 HP outboards.

Lehr 2.5 HP outboard runs on propane from disaposable container or larger LP bottle.
Amalia's new PSB275 hard floor dinghy.
Amalia’s new PSB275 hard floor dinghy.