Improvements: Pallette For New Upholstery and Canvas

Settee2With many months of debating and looking at fabric samples, I’ve come up with a Sunbrella pallette that is being used for all interior and exterior canvas and upholstery.

While I don’t have everything done and don’t have pictures of some that is, this combination of colors and textures will be used in a variety of complimentary projects:

  • Settee Cushions in Main Saloon: ┬áDupione Spics mesh backs, Black Sunbrella edge banding on back cushions with Brannon Redwood faces, Burgundy edge banding on cushions with Toast faces.
  • Quarter Berth Cushions: Phifertex Mesh Black for cushion bottoms, Toast edge banding with Burgundy faces.
  • Toast companionway soft cover and rear access hatch covers.
  • Brannon Redwood faces, Black edges and Straw Mat Cognac back on portable seats (SportASeat) for cockpit.
  • Straw Mat Cognac Phifertex Plus Mesh for all surfaces of cockpit cushions with Dry Fast foam. ┬áThis allows water to quickly pass through the entire cushion and makes it feasible to leave them out in the weather all of the time.