Improvements: The Microwave

This is certainly true with many of my improvements to Amalia.  I bought this 1100 Watt microwave due to its minimal power draw when used with the inverter and compact size.  While it does work well on the inverter, it draws much more than the advertised 1100 Watts!!

I’m not really sure how much I may use it, be envision that this will be invaluable for a quick, warm drink while I’m motoring down on those rainy, chilly days that may come.

I built a platform with cleats that attach to the settee uprights and a leg underneath to support it.  I’ll be wiring up the outlets in the next week.  Like most other locations on the boat, I’ll have the choice of plugging into the Black outlets (hot only with shore power hookup) or White outlets which will work only off of the inverter.

The main compromise here is that this location is most unobtrusive and very secure when underway but seriously intrudes into one’s legroom when trying to sit at the table on the aft side.

Microwave installation
A sailboat is often 10,000 compromises sailing in close formation.