A Busy Winter For Upgrades

The winter of 2015 turned out to be very busy with a nearly full-time work schedule at West  Marine in Holland and Grand Rapids with a few days in Muskegon as well.

After buttoning up Amalia with the very patched old canvas cover, I had to make more patches and another piece of the cover to take care of the severe location along the outside seawall.  The breeze was very strong here over the winter and the amount of snow that accumulated on the cover caused a variety of tears require both band-aid repairs and an additional tarp to cover the midsection.

All in all, she survived another November to April cycle and saw the sunshine again in late April

Purchases for a planned spring/summer installation include:

  • A Bimini
  • An Engel MT43 Refrigerator
  • A 2000 Watt inverter
  • Two dual 6V battery boxes
  • A 140 Watt Solar Panel and 28A controller
  • Garhauer Dinghy Davits
  • A pair of access hatches for the rear deck area
  • AC cabling, outlets
  • A new Indigo Thermostat system
  • And a continual list of miscellaneous stuff.

Along with installing all of these new items, there are plenty of maintenance items to be done – some before launch and some in the slip.

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